Soove Acupuncture Massage™

relieves back pain, calms anxiety

Licensed practitioners
in the comfort of your home

Soove Acupuncture Massage™

relieves back pain, calms anxiety

Licensed practitioners
in the comfort of your home

Acupuncture Benefits

Clinically Proven, Positive Patient Outcomes

Acupuncture is an ancient health treatment where sterile, hair-thin needles stimulate muscle tissue, nervous system, and eastern energy meridians. It’s relaxing, painless, and drug-free.
A recent medical study in the Journal of Pain Management reports, “…acupuncture treatments provide patients with a clinically measurable improvement in chronic pain that persists over time.”

backpain, muscle weakness, spasm

backpain, muscle
weakness, spasm

anxiety, depression, ADHD

anxiety, depression, ADHD

stress headaches, migraines

insomnia, sleep issues

insomnia, sleep issues

Unique Protocol

More Effective Than Acupuncture Alone

Experience the health benefits of a unique treatment protocol from the comfort of your own home. Our licensed acupuncturists are trained to blend traditional acupuncture with medical massage and aromatherapy for better results.

Your therapist will listen to your wellness concerns. Determine the optimal approach. And deliver an effective treatment. It’s a relaxing session on a heated massage table, covered in fresh sterile linen, with soft calming music in the background.

Licensed, Insured
Caring Practitioners

Our practitioners are trained in acupuncture and medical massage. Plus, they have many years of experience working with patients.

We use a careful screening process when choosing new practitioners. You can rest assured that every therapist is experienced, licensed, and fully bonded.

Most important they are loved by their patients.

Patient Safety

Patient safety is a top priority for everyone at SOOVE Health. We take serious precautions to prevent any type of contamination.

Massage tables are sanitized and covered with sterile, one-time use linens. Super thin, single-use Japanese acupuncture needles are pre-packaged for sterile transport. Therapists follow government approved safe sharps guidelines to dispose of needles.

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Ready for Relief?

Acupuncture is a doctor-recommended treatment medically proven to relieve chronic back pain, anxiety, depression, stress headaches, migraines, sleep disorders, and more. At Soov Health we integrate acupuncture with medical massage and aromatherapy to deliver even better results than acupuncture alone. And all in the comfort of your own home.

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